Wednesday, February 11, 2015

15 Easily Forgotten Life Lessons

15 Easily Forgotten Life Lessons


There are a collection of life lessons that guide us toward happiness and fullness. But the busier we get, the more we forget those lessons. Remembering these life lessons can help us engage in behavior that will bring forth positive feelings and improve our relationships with other people, so always keep them in mind. Let us remind you: 

1. Small gestures can mean the most. Sometimes going out of the your way at the store, giving a small gift, or sharing a smile while walking by can make another person’s day. Spread positivity with small gestures and watch the world be positive in return.
2. Our self-worth determines how we perceive other’s actions. If you think negatively about yourself, you’re going to assume people are always being negative towards you. Having a self-worth that reflects well on yourself will stop that perception and help you view others’ actions as positive towards yourself. 

Unbroken--Don't Give Up

Believe In Yourself

Footprint Lesson

I would like to dedicate the next few Eagle's Nest lessons to having the students think about the "footprint" that they want to leave at Sage, with their friends and acquaintances, and just overall as a human being as the develop from teenager to adult.  Take this where ever you deem fit with your particular group of students.  I think it would be beneficial for them to talk about influences in their and teen - bad and good.  Have them share quotes or life lessons that their parents/guardians or other positive adult figures in their lives have taught them.  Discuss as a class how famous people can leave a large footprint, but how the little things that every day people do can also leave a large footprint and have a profound butterfly effect.  I don't have a ton of resources yet as this is just an idea right now.  I will look tonight and tomorrow and share them with you for Wednesday.  I have an article about life lessons, but I would like to emphasize the importance of living with integrity every day and that their actions are contagious.  If you have an article, lesson, movie clip or any other resources you would like to share with the all means do so.  You can also email it to me and I will add it to whatever I find by Wednesday.  I am thinking this topic is broad enough and encompasses enough that we could spend at least two to three class periods on it.  I'll make sure we have enough to fill the time. 

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Family Message

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Intro to Values

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